A letter to the girl I love.

We know each other for the last couple of years. I still remember the day we first met. I remember the way you looked at me that day, I remember how you held my hands when u were about to fall from the stairs. I remember the funny picture you took in your phone. I remember …. I remember almost everything that evening. 

When we met second time, the surrounding cold air, ice cream and the best rain. You don’t know how much I wanted to use your spoon, which you kept in it, when you gave me your unfinished ice cream. Your voice, your eyes, your pupil’s dilation and your beautiful smile. I was jus blown away. The minutes which we spent together in the car is unforgettable. The songs you played, Your chitchats and the chocolate. 

I am waiting for the next time to meet. 

Last night I had this dream. It was my wedding day. I remember my nikkah and after that I walked towards my bride. She was standing there smiling at me. She looks like she was waiting for me for long time. The day was bright, the sky was blue and only blue, and the land was white like a desert. I was right, it was you in a beautiful sliver dress and a black hijab walking slowly towards me. I opened my arms and gave my bride a warm hug. You just blushed with shyness. I whispered…

“You know what dear, I Love you so much…!!!”


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