Two videos that influenced me

Today I saw two videos. Both of these videos has some speciality. Each one taught me different different things. One is entitled ‘with a piece of chalk’ and the other one is a footage from the documentary film ‘Samsaara’.

Both the video influenced me in different way. I was bit different in my mood. But after I watching these videos it struck my mind, it influenced me in a very good way.

The first video I watched was the footage from the documentary Samsaara. The footage of Mecca, people doing prayer and circling Ka~ba. The divine feeling it gave me was infinite. I use to wonder when people especially the old generation keep the picture of Ka~ba on their walls. But now I understood what would be their feeling, the divinity  which they acquire when they see the picture, I felt the same when I watched that video.

The second one was a motivating footage. ‘With a piece of chalk’. The story of a kid. It narrated the story of a lonely kid, who is labelled as a looser even by his parents. But, you know the peculiarity of the nature? it gives every person a special skill which makes him unique. Identifying that skill is pretty important in their life. It paves the way to success, which makes us a successful person.A person can develop those skill by practice. And ultimately the society admires him…