Science- Philosophy of Nature


All of us know how intimate and close are the science and technology and Philosophy even though we feel a sharp contrast between them. The great scientists which we have seen are rather great philosophers, for example ancient scientists like Aristotle, Plato and modern scientists like Einstein etc. Some of us also thought about the relation between the present society and the development of the science and technology and how it influence the life style even the life span of the human or generally the living creature including the immobile plants.  But those who have related science and technology with religious are rare of rarest.

All of us know Science is the philosophy of nature. Or otherwise science is the explanation of nature, which means the relation between the science and nature is some what like cheek by jowl. Those who have studied projectile motion knows when we jump at an angle of 45 degrees we can cover more distance, and we can undoubtedly assume that the jumper grasshopper jumps at the angle 45 degrees, and it is a fact. And the God created all creatures in twins. And if we observe the nature we can find that   male are more beautiful than female (perhaps there will be exception in human’s case, but am not sure about that), God created in such a fashion with specific reason and some objectives

I’m a big fan of science fictions. All of us interested in science fictions, beyond the criteria – age group, we use to watch super hero movies and science fiction movies etc. And conventionally we have assumed something as impossible, and we call it as fictions. But today’s fictions are tomorrow’s facts. In last century, even couple of decades back we could only imagine about a wireless communication system that we can put in our pocket. See, now we have stylish i-phones in our pocket with 3G, Wi-fi, camera etc. facilities and with that we can also make a call; now they are facts, we know. And that is the way that science develops.

And I think this is the convenient place to scribble my ideas. But there is a great probability for no one to read this. But I need to scribble my ideas some where, So I thought this place will do for doodle my ideas.

–J Akther